Want to work as a hemodialysis technician? Then it pays to be hemodialysis certified. The dialysis technician is responsible for many different tasks including maintaining the dialysis equipment and monitoring patients status while under their care. Completing routine maintenance and getting the dialysis machines ready for the next patient are required of the dialysis technician. You will need to maintain certification to ensure that certain standards are maintained in this profession.

Usually you can finish the training to become a tech in 3 months or less. There are many technician training institutes as well as community colleges that offer training programs in this medical career field. Once certified you can get a job in either a stand alone dialysis clinic or a hospital.

Didn't graduate high school? That's ok, get your GED, and you will more than likely qualify for most programs. While not as common as they used to be, there are still positions you can find that will train you on the job. But mostly you will find that you need to graduate from a qualified dialysis training program. Your pay rate will be influenced by what you bring to the table as far as experience is concerned. If you have none it is best to be certified. Currently you can make $14 to $18 an hour working as a dialysis tech. In the coming years you can expect the starting pay to grow because as more people age more people will have kidney disease.

Caring for the patient is the main point of your job. Problems can occur while the individual is getting their treatment. But you will be adequately trained to deal with these if you are certified. Monitoring the patients overall condition and well being is your main job as a dialysis tech. Taking frequent vital signs will enable you to determine how the treatment is going. Once the blood is filtered through the dialysis machine it is returned back to the patients circulation. It is important to ensure only the harmful materials are removed from the blood. Dialysis can be life threatening if done improperly.

The cost of becoming certified as a dialysis technician can range from $5000 to $12,000 depending on the school. But this will be easily paid for once you are employed. You may be able to qualify for pell grants or other assistance to get your certification. You wouldn't want the money and time spent getting your dialysis tech certification. So do some soul searching to determine if this is what you really want. You need to have compassion for others.  Think of all the opportunities it carries. You could earn a good life if you pursue this path. It all depends on your will and hard work. Read more about this job or ask a professional technician to help you decide. Consider the demand and benefits it could give you. This career pursuit isn't always the easiest, but it will always be emotionally and financially rewarding.